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Dx Prostate cancer

///Dx Prostate cancer
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Non-invasive method for the diagnosis of prostate cancer


It consists on a DNA microarray for the simultaneous analysis of the molecular profile of a large number of urine cell samples, to diagnose the prostate cancer.


Diagnosis of the prostate cancer.

Format and technique

48 genes have been identified as differentially expressed in samples from patients suffering of cancer compared to controls.

The used technology is Taqman Low Density Arrays (TLDA), based in qRT-PCR, or the qRT-PCR itself.

The reference fluid is the patient’s urine obtained after a prostate massage.

Current situation

115 urines from patients and 45 from controls have been analysed. The results have shown an estimated sensitivity of 94% and a specificity of 80%.

The Gold Standard or reference test is the PSA, whose sensitivity is about 50% with a specificity of 30%.

We are currently searching for genes with a prognosis value.

A multicentre validation study is expected to begin, in 4 European countries, with 500 patients and 250 controls. Estimated beginning date:  2013.