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Dx Colon cancer

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Tumour markers in colon cancer


Markers for the diagnosis and prognosis of colon cancer based on the methylation of a set of genes, through stool samples.


  • Diagnosis and prognosis of colon cancer.

Format and technique

  • The format is a PCR microarray with 5 genes and the technique is a DNA chip.
  • The kit will be used in stool samples.

Current situation

The good preliminary results were confirmed in an observational study, with the goal to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic kit for the study of the methylation of the identified promotors, in comparison with the procedures of detection of FOBT using the patient’s clinical history as a reference.

A validation study has been done with a population of 82 patients with the following results:

  • Sensitivity of the kit in the diagnosis of carcinomas is 62% and of adenomas is 41%.
  • The specificity of the kit is 100% for adenomas and for carcinomas.


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Intellectual Property

  • Spanish Patent GRANTED: 200803127 (Concession date: 21st July 2011)
  • USA Patent GRANTED: 12/264,024 (Concession date: 8th November 2011)
  • European Patent pending: 20110499 (Priority date: 3rd August 2008)