Publications about F-12

  • Tirado I et al. Association after linkage analysis indicates that homozygosity for the 46C→T polymorphism in the F12 gene is a genetic risk factor for venous thrombosis. Thromb Haemost. 2004 May; 91(5):899-904.
  • Santamaria A et al. Homozygosity of the T Allele of the 46 C3T Polymorphism in the F12 Gene Is a Risk Factor for Ischemic Stroke in the Spanish Population. Stroke 2004;35:1795-1799
  • Pérez-Montes R et al. Deep venous thrombosis, protein S deficiency and homozygous Factor XII 46T mutation. Eur J Pediatr (2005) 164: 591–593
  • Santamaria A et al. Double heterozygosity for Factor V Leiden and Factor V Cambridge mutations associated with low levels of activated protein C resistance in a Spanish thrombophilic family. Thromb Haemost 2005; 93: 1193-5. Case report.

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