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For any enquiry about our products, please phone us on +34 917 991 564 |info@finabiotech.es
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Fina Biotech is born to convert clinical research in the diagnosis field into

actionable diagnosis kits

adding value to patients, doctors and health systems

Our History, Our Mission

Fina Biotech (formerly, Indas Biotech), founded in 2002, is a spin-off of LABORATORIOS INDAS. Our mission is to select, finance, conduct, develop and market biotechnology projects.

We believe in the great potential of the Spanish researchers. Proof of this confidence can be found in the 28 projects that FINA BIOTECH has undertaken since 2002, with an investment of almost €12 million, in partnership with public and private institutions, laboratories and universities, all of them Spanish.

The main areas in which we have invested to date are:

  • Cancer diagnosis/prognosis: bladder, prostate, colon, breast and lung cancer.

  • Autologous adult stem cell therapy: cardiac regeneration after myocardial infarction, sphincter regeneration in urinary incontinence, bone regeneration (arthrodesis) and brain tissue regeneration after hemorrhagic stroke.

  • Cardiovascular diseases: DVT, risk of reestenosis markers.

  • Fertility: HALOSPERM®.

  • Liver damage markers.

  • Anti-glioblastoma therapy.

Fina Biotech is born with a mission as a guiding principle: Develop more efficient non-invasive diagnostics methods for patients, doctors and health systems

To take this mission forward, Fina Biotech and its team share 3 values that permeate every interaction with clients, partners, suppliers and employees



Invest to offer always an improved version of our diagnostic tests



Always forward no matter how difficult the journey is



Learning everyday along the way



Dr. Antonio Alcaraz

Head of Urology Service at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Extensive experience in major urological surgery responsible for renal transplant and highly complex oncological surgery. Previous experience as Clinical Head of Urology and Head of Organ Transplant Unit at the Urology Service of Fundació Puivert (Barcelona). Member of the Scientific Committee of the European Associaton of Urology (EAU). Associate Professor of Urology at Universitat de Barcelona. Author of more than 145 scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals


Dra. Mª José Ribal

Head of Uro-oncology Unitand Senior Specialist at Urology Service, Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Previous experience as Associate Physician at Fundació Puivert (Barcelona). Associate Professor at Universitat de Barcelona. Member of the Muscle invasive and metastatic bladder cancer Guidelines Group. Author of more than 80 scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals


Dra. Lourdes Mengual

Head of Molecular Biology Laboratory at Urology Service of Hospital Clínic of Barcelona (Barcelona). Previous experience as researcher in translational uro-oncology at Molecular Biology Laboratory at Fundació Puigvert (Barcelona). Member of the International Bladder Cancer Network. Associate Professor in the Genetics Unit of the Physiological Science Department I at School of Medicine at University of Barcelona.


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